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The LMAX Exchange is not just another trading platform. It's an entirely new way to trade FX and CFDs with access to live, executable, institutional prices. LMAX simply matches the best bids and offers. The LMAX Exchange is more transparent. Clients execute directly on the LMAX Exchange and benefit from pricing transparency and no ‘Last Look’ from the liquidity providers. The LMAX Exchange provides fast, anonymous trade execution. Clients trade anonymously; over 90% of trades are executed in less than 20ms.

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LMAX Exchange Technology
Unparalleled speed and reliability. Access to LMAX Exchange through web platform, mobile, MultiCharts, Meta Trader 4 (MT4) bridge and API. Up to 20 levels of market depth. Available for Professional account holders via FIX API. Awarded ‘Best Trading System’ by FST in 2011.
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LMAX Exchange Instruments
70+ FX and CFD instruments. Tight institutional pricing. Volume based commission discounts available. Enhanced liquidity from leading global financial institutions.
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CFD Trading
$0.4 per contract standard commission Volume-based discounts available. Competitive leverage Low overnight financing rates The ability to make a price within the best bid and offer.
System Requirements: Windows XP and greater

Risk Warning: Margin FX & CFD products are considered speculative products which are highly leveraged and carry significantly greater risks than non-geared investments, such as shares. You should not invest in margin FX & CFD products unless you properly understand the nature of margin FX & CFD products, and are comfortable with the attendant risks. You should obtain financial, legal, taxation and other professional advice prior to entering into a margin FX & CFD transaction to ensure this is appropriate for your objectives, needs and circumstances. It is important for you to understand our Product Disclosure Statement ('PDS'), Terms and Conditions , Privacy Policy and our Financial Services Guide before you decide to enter into a margin FX or CFD transaction. BMFN Pty Ltd is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). ABN 14 145 724 509, AFSL Number 379035. ASIC will not extend investor protections to clients receiving financial services outside of Australia. BMFN Pty Ltd does not solicit business in and does not accept applications from those residing in or citizens of Belgium, China, Japan, New Zealand, the United States or Canada. BMFN Pty Ltd. is licensed by ASIC, AFSL Number 379035